Ignorance is Bliss!(Daily Prompt)

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A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?

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Dear Friend,

Your parcel with that amazing chip arrived today. Congratulations !! A chip that enables a person to listen to what the other person is thinking while talking to him, is definitely an exciting invention. It might get  you the Nobel Prize  too !!!

The offer to participate in  your experiment is tempting :

  1.  It will be an asset in my workplace. I’ll know exactly what my customer wants. Negotiating deals will be super smooth. Appreciation – Promotion – Salary Hike!!
  2. At home, I’ll know if the curry I’m so proud of is really ‘Yummy’ or a camouflaged ‘ Okay’.
  3. I’ll no longer need to carry pepper spray in my bag when I go partying on friday nights . I’ll know when the guy sitting next to me at the bar is trying to be ‘ more than just friends’.

However, after serious thoughts, I have decided to decline your offer :

  1. Challenges give me a high. I enjoy meeting my customer and engaging in discussions to understand his requirement. The hard work put in to  understand and tailor a deal that fits the customer requirement perfectly gives me immense satisfaction. Having this chip as an assistant will no doubt make my job easy but will not bring in the satisfaction.
  2. When it comes to feedback, my family is usually frank and to the point. In case they sugar coat it, I’m sure they do it for encouragement. The chip will be  a damper, will make me doubt their feedback and will be a major trust issue.
  3. I’m a people’s person, love gossips as well as debates and discussions. With the chip on and complete access to the other person’s thought, the conversations will be very boring.

For me,  Ignorance is Bliss !!






8 thoughts on “Ignorance is Bliss!(Daily Prompt)”

  1. Mamta, I’m very impressed that you were able to lay hands on the prototype for the Thought Reader Chip and more impressed that you are not going to use your knowledge for evil purposes. i like your arguments which are in line with my own. Who wants life without the mystery??? Judy


    1. Yeah, a thought reader chip it is 🙂 Agree with you life without mystery, anticipation and excitement will be dull and boring.With the chip on we’ll miss all the wonderful surprises . Mamta


  2. I come from a family of blunt, up front, to the point people. I tend to just say what I am thinking. I have been trying to slow down to consider what I am about to say before I say it but I am not hard wired to use a filter. I like it, usually, when people just say what they are thinking rather than beat around the bush. I think I would like the chip. (I meant to do this blog topic but forgot about it) I’d like to know just what kind of bush normal people beat around when they say one thing and think another. Good post.


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