You Robot ( Daily Prompt)

This post is in response to Daily Prompt – You Robot.

Congrats -you’ve been handed a robot whose sole job is to relieve you of one of your chore, job or responsibility you particularly hate. What is it ?

You mean a modern version of ‘Aladdin’s Genie’ ?

Are you sure it is absolutely FREE ? No  liability, damage clause hidden in between the lines ?

For my job request is a HIGH RISK one… you need nerves (or should I say wires) of steel and perhaps compound eyes like the fly

See for yourself and decide.

Every time, I drive to the supermarket to get my grocery, drop my son to school or be adventurous to venture out to the busy side of the city, I’m petrified…It will be of great help if you Robot, relieve me of my driving responsibility through this maddening traffic.

Drive me though this mayhem without a scratch on my car.

4 thoughts on “You Robot ( Daily Prompt)”

  1. Don’t think I’d like to drive a motorcycle or bike in Bangalore! Also it didn’t look like there was any set system of traffic. People seemed to be weaving through cross-traffic. I can see why driving isn’t your favorite thing to do. J


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