Should I…Should I not…(Daily Prompt)

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt – Head Turners.

We often hear strange snippets of conversation as we walk through public spaces. When was the last time you overheard something so interesting, ridiculous, or disturbing you really wanted to know what it was all about?

Should I ?….Should I not ?….Should I ?…..

After lot of deliberations, typing and deleting, I have decided to share this incident on a public forum.


January 2012,we were on our way back to Bangalore after spending a wonderful time  in Munnar, Kerala. We usually prefer road trips as it gives us the opportunity to plan our own routes and stops. We like to explore, stop at villages on the highway,mingle with the local crowd. Being the foodie kind, if we get a hint of interesting cuisine, we don’t mind a few extra kilometers and bad roads.

2:00 pm,not only the kids, we adults were hungry too. Desperate, we turned to the first local  we could spot on the road and asked if he knew of any eatery nearby. Language was a problem but we managed to catch  a few words of interest – Biryani and the name of the town. A quick search on Google Maps and we were soon in the little highway town.

We entered a Biryani Joint. We were overwhelmed to see the huge number of customers.Most men wore white shirt and pants , while women wore bright sarees.Both wore lots of gold jewellery. They were standing at the tables literally waiting for the table occupants to finish eating and release the seats for them. It reminded me of musical chair party game.

After watching the crowd for a few minutes we also followed suit. We also stood behind one of the tables and waited for our turn.The waiters worked like robots dishing out appropriate quantities of biryani on washed banana leaf plates. Amidst this commotion, I noticed the mobile phone kept on the table right in front of me vibrate and beep loudly . The  man picked it up, saw the message and shared it with his companion sitting on his right.

What I saw, left me numbed, shocked.

It was a picture message –  the picture of beheaded man lying in a pool of blood.

I shifted my gaze to the old clock on the wall and froze. Not sure, if I my face had turned red or pale white. For me time had stopped, a thousand questions bothered me. I wondered what was the relationship between these two men eating biryani calmly in front of me and the be headed man. Why did the man meet such an unfortunate end ? Was it family feud or some gang war ? Did the man have a family ? Do they know what has happened to him ? Who were these men and were they not afraid of law ?

Both the men finished their meal and left unflustered.



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  1. What a powerful story. Actually, as shocking as it was, it would also make an incredible prompt to finish the story and might be a way to find closure for yourself, as well. Judy


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