Refraction in the Pool

For this photo challenge, show us what “refraction” means to you. It could be an image taken in a reflective surface, it could be light bent from behind an object, or it could mean remedial math homework: the choice is completely up to you. I’m looking forward to seeing how you interpret “refraction.”


I sat by the poolside, feet dipped in water as little Prachi enjoyed herself in the pool. The light danced to her rhythm, painting a million pictures in water.


9 thoughts on “Refraction in the Pool”

  1. Very thoughtful caption to go with this photo. I hope your daughter had a fun time swimming. This is a great shot. I love how the water looks teal and so inviting. I used to wear a swimming cap too when I was a kid – didn’t want my hair to get in front of my eyes! 🙂


  2. I’m laughing because when I first looked at the photo, I thought there person was facing me and you’d done some funky, sci-fi editing to the face. Ahhh, well, it’s early yet and a good way to start the day. 🙂



  3. A perfect response to this hard prompt! It was nice seeing your smiling wry faces again, Mamta. Hope all is going well. I have two more weeks before i move to the beach for 2 months and a “do” list a mile long! Judy


    1. Great to hear from you after a long time.I’ve been dying to get back to my blogging world. September -October is the festive season here in India. I had a great time with friends and family. Life is now slowly getting back to normal now. Best of luck with your “to do” list…Beach house ,is it the one without internet connection ??, I’ll miss your daily posts ! Take care, Mamta


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