My Rebel Song(Daily Post)

 I  have found myself humming this song when I’m lonely,sad, happy, when I am stuck in traffic, cooking dinner for my family, sipping tea and watching the rain. It’s been with me for a long time now. The radio no longer plays it, it’s no longer on MTV Hits.

The song is from the movie Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. I have not watched the movie.Hence, I’m not in a position to tell in which context this song was sung.

However, the song is special to me and I have my own interpretation. ‘Bawra Mann’ means crazy heart. For me it’s about heart’s freedom to follow it’s own dream, walk an uncharted path.

Many years ago,one evening on  my way back home from work ,I heard the song on radio. My decision to quit my ‘secure’ job in order to follow my dream, had raised a lot of eyebrows and requests to rethink . I felt like a rebel. The song  reflected my state of mind. THE SONG CLICKED.

The song is in Hindi. The tune is lovely and has an Indian Classical touch to it. Do listen to it. Who knows you might start humming it too!!


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