Minimalist (WPC)

Minimalist  ???  Clueless 🙂 read and re read the description to understand the concept and the technique. Transported me back to college days. Often I sat in the exam hall chewing my pencil , re reading questions.

After serious thought and digging through my folders I have found a couple of photographs that I think qualify as ‘Minimalist’.

Photography Guru’s, awaiting your suggestions and opinion on them !!




In this week’s challenge, show us your minimalist photos. Find an interesting texture, color, or silhouette. Maybe there is a story that you can tell with your minimalist photo

24 thoughts on “Minimalist (WPC)”

  1. Excellent photos. I love both of them, especially how the soft light gently falls on and illuminate the flowers that look so divine. It is indeed a bit of a challenge this week. Haha, sounds like you relived your younger days thinking of this week’s challenge 😉


  2. Lovely photos, both of them.
    I use the challenge word as a challenge to how I can play with the idea. Words as playthings, why not? We’re not in college anymore! 😉
    I give you an A in advance. Have fun!


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