Daily Prompt -One Audience

Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

facebookDear Son,

The secret’s out. Yes, yes, I did manipulate some house rules for my benefit( Now do not give me that surprised look). The ‘ CHILDREN EARLY TO BED  ON WEEKDAYS EXCEPT FRIDAY’ rule was there so that, I could respond to Daily Prompts as early as possible( Believe me,by the time, I managed to kiss you goodnight, clean the kitchen and check the Daily Prompt there would already be 100 responses to the day’s prompt). Fridays were different though,  the Weekly Photo Challenge were usually posted late at night and hence I allowed you to stay awake and keep me awake too 🙂

Now, I wasn’t always mean. We did celebrate my blogs milestones 100 followers, 500 likes, 1st like from Iceland and on so. Remember, the surprise after dinner visits to the ice cream parlour ??

Yeah!! Call it madness, addiction. Whatever it was, I felt really happy to speak my mind, give words to my thoughts, tell my stories. I felt liberated.

Now that you are here,take your time, go through the posts, maybe you’ll get to know your mother in a different light 🙂

Love you always,



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