Life is unpredictable…so is my blog.

When I started the blog last year I had a clear vision ( so I thought) regarding its contents.

cropped-img_20140825_105537833.jpgBooks. I will write about our ( my son and my) beautiful journey into the world of books. When I was my son’s age, I remember reading books mostly by Enid Blyton and lots of classics abridged versions.The child in me was excited to see so many genre of books, from so many authors for children alone. I had to let the world know of the treasure I had found. I promptly named my blog BOOK SEARCH JOURNEY.

Now, WordPress is an interesting place. There is so much happening here.And if you suffer from Pandora’s Syndrome like me, you’ll not hesitate to click on every link that appears on the Reader and the side bars. That’s exactly what I did and landed on the DAILY POST page.

I tried  Daily Prompt and Weekly Photo challenge for the first time. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the tiny orange star blinking on the screen. I had received my first like.Encouraging comments soon followed. Veterans in WordPress sure know how to encourage and welcome new comers 🙂

IMG_1215I was over the moon. I  started responding to the Daily Prompts and Weekly Photo Challenges, regularly. Soon I got addicted to them. Now, I have more posts in response to these prompts as compared to that on books.

 That’s an emergency for sure.My blog’s got derailed !!!!

Taking decisions can be difficult. I decided to start a fresh blog Books Mama !!!  exclusively for the books my son and I enjoy reading. I’ll keep updating you on the same. ( See Books we enjoyed reading on the side bar).

Now what do I do with this blog. The title Book Search Journey is a misnomer.

BOOK , SEARCH , JOURNEY. Ta da !! What says thou ? See the change ?


 Well, for now,it defines my present state of mind – that of a wanderer, SEARCHing, exploring, experimenting with life. A JOURNEY that I hope will be an interesting one. BOOKS will always be there, my companion for life.