Daily Prompt : Fire ! Fire !

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

Now, that’s  scary  and needs serious thinking !  I’ll have to let my wild , imaginative side of the brain take a break and let the logical and practical side do all the work today.

Practical me says

– my handbag with  cash and cards for obvious reasons. With money I can buy myself food, lodging, taxi fare. ( Plus, we women carry a lot of ” essential” and ” not so essential stuffs” in our handbags. Don’t you think a chocolate would be comforting in a stressful nail-biting situation like this)

– my mobile and its charger. I keep them on my study table. I will not have to go hunting for them all over the house. ( Thanks Mum!  your constant reminders ‘be organised, keep your things in their proper place’ did get into my head.  )

– my little red diary. My life will come to a stand still without it. I’m really bad at remembering passwords and there are so many of them. The diary is the key to my internet world.

– finally, if it is night-time, I will  grab a dress from the wardrobe. I do not want to roam around the city in my night pajamas.

All looks good. List complete.Not much of running around required. All these things are in my bed room.  But,what if, it is the bedroom that is on fire ???

image courtsey : freepik