Daily Prompt : Just Right !

Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.”


In India, we are usually in a hurry to get our daughters married early and most prefer the old fashioned ‘arranged marriage’ style wherein parents,grandmas,neighbors, sister-in -law’s aunt’s sister play an important role in the match making process.


It is a long process and it’s prudent to start early.

So our high school girl,  starts wearing ‘Sari’ the traditional six yard wonder on special occasions – Durga Puja or family celebrations like ‘ bhai ki shaadi’ ( brother’s wedding). She looks picture perfect the epitome of grace, elegance and poise.

Aunts and Grandmas are quick to notice. ‘ Look at you, you look so pretty in a sari’, they say with a chuckle as they  add  the young girl’s name in their memory’s ‘suitable match’ list. The girl blushes,Mum beams with pride.

By the time, our girl is in her final year of college,discussions about marriage and settling down in life starts mushrooming now and then. The girl resists saying she wants to continue her studies or wants to work for a while. ‘Of course’, elders say, but do they really care ?

College over. First job,new city,our girl is over the moon. She is full of dreams. She loves her independence. But soon she gets an email from her Dad:

Dear daughter,

Sending you pictures of eight eligible bachelors. They are all well educated, well settled. Your cousin, Shelly getting married this month end. You must attend the wedding.

Love Daddy

When our girl comes home for a work break, Mum and Dad have different plans. They tell her one of the ‘eligible boy”s family will come over to meet the girl. She is furious but her parents play the ‘ we are getting old, you can’t do this to us’ or ‘ after your marriage we have to think about your younger sisters’ marriage too’.

The blackmail works. Our girl agrees. Families meet, boy meets girl, boy rejects,girl rejects. The circus continues until a perfect match is found. A painful, at times humiliating experience for the girl, I’m afraid.

I went through the same process but with a difference.

During this phase of my life, I was lucky to meet some wonderful people. They were my  colleagues, fresh out of college, full of life and dreams, so much like me. Most were men though ( about a decade ago, in Indian steel industry the women to men employee ratio was pathetic).I often shared my ongoing sometimes hilarious, sometimes humiliating roller-coaster ‘ matchmaking’ experience with them.

Time flew by.

I grew close to one of my friends. So,when he proposed over breakfast one morning, I realized ,”Yes ! he is the one ! We understand each other so well, have similar aspirations in life and both lovvvvve ice creams.Our match is ‘just right'”

We talked to our parents, families met and the rest is history 🙂

What’s your story ?


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Just Right !”

  1. I love your story, Mamta…Really charmingly told and interesting to someone whose experience was so different. Not one member of my family even remotely tried to matchmake for me. Funny that in the states, the families are not at all involved in the choice of a spouse, other than some families having huge objections, I guess. Judy

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      1. I have totally abandoned it but need to get cracking…perhaps find someone else to do final formatting. Illustrations and copy are all in the computer. It was delayed when I spilled the Coke on it, but I’ve rescued it from a backup drive…have just been busy with other things. I think it is time to learn I don’t have to do it all. How do you vote? We are working on “I Really Want A Puppy”–the illustrations. Judy


      2. 🙂 hope your coffee cup and coke are miles away from your Mac now, Sun Up , Sun down is wonderful…thank God it was rescued 🙂 Good luck with your new book. Recently I read another cute picture book by Alarna Rose Gray, Pepi it’s about her pet dog, a nice read. Mamta

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