Sorry, jungle friends.

Yesterday at the national park, a tusker came charging at us, trumpeting, shaking his head and kicking up dust, visibly annoyed at our presence.



We raced our jeep and managed to escape. It was a scary experience, but strangely I felt thrilled and not intimidated at all. I’m sure many people along with me on the jeep that day, felt the same.The experience would be just another story to brag about.

At sunset, we flocked towards the forest in numerous noisy motor boats, waiting to get a glimpse of the wild animals as they came down to the river  to drink water. (The trees by the river bank had been cut by the forest department for better visibility too).

Privacy and animal ? Sensitivity towards wild animals ? Do we really care ?

I feel terrible. I feel ashamed at the insensitivity and disrespect I showed towards the beautiful creatures.

I loved camping in the jungle, listening to the wild calls at night, watching birds in the misty morning, floating aimlessly in a coracle along the river.

I hated the safari -jeep and boat.

Let us not be rude intruders. Let the wild animals live peacefully. Let us not turn their life into a reality show.



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  1. Sounds like you were just harmlessly looking at the animals and elephant. Maybe it overreacted, or misunderstood or was having a bad day. But you are right…there are some of us who like to get in the way of animals, sadly.

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