Daily Prompt : The Lost Art

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From the Collection of the Artist.”A hundred years from now, a major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was during our current historical period. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure. What will it say?

The only thing that is constant is change – Heraclitus

 The World Museum is staging an exhibition on the life and culture of humans  as it was a hundred years ago, with special focus on ‘The Art of Documentation‘.

IMG_0005The main highlight is the unique collection of handwritten documents on paper ( a bio degradeable material). The exhibits are from the era when the use of handwritten paper documents was on a decline;being rapidly replaced by electronic documents.

The set of documents on display are believed to have been written by school children as part of their written assignment. It is a delight to see the variety of styles used by them. Some slant left, some right, some are sloppy, others are like tiny ants. The neat and legible ones have ‘Good Handwriting !’ remark written on top( look in the ‘rare’ classification display window). Most have’ Handwriting disastrous!’written in bold on the top.

Get a glimpse of what life was without spell check. Spot the spelling errors in the document displayed in the Activity Corner and win amazing collectibles !

Also on display for the first time, are the tools used for writing – pencil, eraser, pen. The documentary ‘ How they WROTE‘ will be screened at the auditorium, throughout the day. It is interesting to watch how our ancestors held the pencil and wrote with swift wrist movements.

Come and enjoy the  lost ‘Art of Documentation‘.

Venue: World Museum

Date :19th April – 27th April, 2115.


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  1. Very creative prompt! An exhibition on handwriting and the evolution of it. Maybe back in the day there were less words and pictures accompanied handwriting. I suppose life without spell check would be much harder…but that would certainly force us to check out work twice and find missing words along the way!

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