Daily Prompt : One Life, Many Tales

In response to Coming To a Bookshelf Near YouWrite a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.

IMG_0768-001A captain with seven children

What’s so fearsome about that?”

Free spirited, optimistic Maria, in the musical Sound of Music sings these lines as she leaves the convent to go to Captain Von Trapp’s house. She adds

“I have confidence in confidence alone

Besides which you see I have confidence in me!”

What if I make a little change ?  ” A captain with seven FIFTEEN children

Will Maria still beam with the same level of confidence ?

Well, my Grandma did 🙂

” Papa has come ! Papa has come”, shouted little Dip as he ran inside the house. Suruchi had asked him to stand at the gate and inform her as soon as he spots his father coming home from work. Suruchi, who was sitting on the kitchen floor ,cutting vegetables for  dinner, stood up hastily. She wiped her wet hands in her saree, tied her long hair up in a bun and rushed to the door. Today was special, she had good news for her husband.

Beautiful Esha, Suruchi’s eldest daughter was the apple of her eyes. Esha hardly helped her mother in household chores,she preferred spending time practicing music lessons and honing her tapestry skills. Suruchi was not miffed at Esha’s aloof behavior. In fact, her daughter’s beauty was the reason for her pride. Mothers of many eligible bachelors sought Esha’s hand for their son. Suruchi, spurned most of the offers. But today she had found the perfect match – a handsome doctor from a renowned family. The marriage was held within a few months and Esha left for her husband’s house. Little did Esha or Suruchi realize that marriage, wife, children were the last things on the groom’s mind. He spent days away from home planning and plotting against the British rule. Hurt, dejection, anger led to a new beginning of sacrifice, patriotism, bravery and prison. Esha’s life transformed.’

With a house full of nine boys and six girls of varying age groups and personality, Grandma’s( Suruchi) life was a roller coaster ride – full of happiness, surprise,hardship , hopelessness and moments of pride. Her world revolved around her children, she rejoiced in their happiness and supported them in their times of difficulty. She had her favorites and not-so-favorites.

Till her last days, she sat on her armchair, sipping her masala tea and remembering  old times. As I sat at her foot listening to her broken sentences, trying to decipher the expression in her glassy eyes, I found amazing stories each unique in it’s own way, and worth an audience.