Go Slow, Think, Experiment, Dream to Find Your Fulfilling Work

 Daily Prompt page says-‘Sometimes, you sit down to blog but your words and photos get stuck — prompts give them a push. We publish a new one every morning.’

Push indeed -recently, pushed me into a vortex of thoughts,I must say.

Ever since I responded to Sunday’s Daily Prompt: Dictionary, Shmictionary, the words ‘Dream and Vision’ have been whirring round and round in my head, turning my world upside down.

In the post, I confessed that ‘Dream and Vision’ are the words I have misinterpreted all my life.

 Little did I realize then, the truth in the saying –‘Writing down your thoughts is more powerful than you think’.I was stuck, my mind won’t let me think of anything else. I had opened Pandora’s box.

But I’m not a person who mulls over the mistakes of past for too long. It’s never to late to stand up and start afresh.

In my effort to clear my thoughts,I found the video – How to Find Fulfilling Work by the School of Life.

It takes time, confusions, experimentation, lot of thinking to figure out what one wants to do in life, what motivates and satisfies him/her.

Looking forward to a better tomorrow 🙂