WPC: Pipilika…Pipilika

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

Pipilika, Pipilika Dol-Bol Chari Eka

Kotha Jao, Bole jao Shuni…..

 Pipilika (Ant), tell me where are you going without your troop, all alone ?

IMG_0011The ground beneath tiny  ant feet !!


10 thoughts on “WPC: Pipilika…Pipilika”

  1. Wonderful capture and a good question too! 🙂
    ‘Pipilika’ the sound of the word is delightful. And you writing
    ‘pipilika..pipilika’ twice made me say those words like kid. May I ask what language it is? The other words sound like hindi or bengali, I guess.

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