Daily Prompt : Patriot of a Different kind

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The origin of the word ‘ Patriot’ dates back to 16th century.

Before expressing my thoughts on the subject today,I must admit that my knowledge of World History is very limited. In school, I paid little attention to my history teacher’s,passionate lectures on  kings, kingdoms and wars. I spent most of the class day dreaming and doodling in my history notebook.

From whatever I had studied then,I remember 16th century to be a period of unprecedented changes in Europe. On one hand, discoveries, inventions, explorations heralded the beginning of the modern era, while political unrest marked by religious upheavals lead to emergence of nation states.

_20150817_105525I assume that during this phase the feeling of patriotism was high. This feeling of ‘nation before self’ continued to be strong for many more centuries. The World Wars and Independence Movement across the world were fought by brave patriots.

What did men then discuss at the market place or the barber’s shop or in one’s drawing ? Nation and national pride, surely.

Fast-forward to 2015. If you see the exhibit, the use of the word ‘patriot’ is on a decline.Today the political boundaries of nations are fairly defined; few nations are at  war. Today common man in most country discuss about the nation’s economy and development and not so much about their nation’s war.In today’s world,  for some nations poverty, illiteracy, corruption within a nation are the new enemies.

The nations today need an army of ‘Patriots’ of a different kind. Patriots who are willing to fight the social evils and help fellow countrymen.Patriots who are willing to take part in nation building and development.She needs revolutionaries .

I am ready to answer her call. I am a Patriot.



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  1. I too never paid much attention in history class back in school 😀 It was only when I was doing a Bachelor of Arts at university did I learn a few bits and pieces of European and Australian history. “nation before self” was certainly covered in one of my subjects, also the theme of “nationhood”. These days it seems many of us in the world are chasing greed and that is the basis of the problems in the world today. Hope you have a good week 🙂

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    1. 🙂 i think the way I was taught history in school was boring. Now that I have lot of time in hand to read the books, pause, do some research on internet I am finding the subject interesting. Education now is much more exciting and open than the pre Internet era. 🙂

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