Daily Prompt: Forever Young

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water ?

  DSC00059 31st August, 2065( 50 years from now)

In spite of the long tiring flight, across various time zones, I woke up early today. The excitement of meeting my son after such a long time was too much for my fraying nerves.

All I needed, was a cup of piping hot tea to kick start the day.

I looked around the apartment. It was small, but neat and tidy. I smiled to myself, slightly teary eyed,overwhelmed by the emotional outburst that often hit mothers when they see their little boys do responsible stuff.

I walked into the kitchen and  put the kettle on the stove.

Suddenly, I heard the rattling sound of keys and the main door open.

“Is it Junior ? Did he go for an early morning jog? Didn’t I hear him snore in his room a few minutes ago?”I quizzed myself as I dropped the sugar cubes in the tea cup.

A pretty, young girl stormed into the kitchen.

“So it’s you, J’s new love interest, huh?…for how long has this been going on? ..you and him?”

“Did you meet at the conference last week?..no wonder, he sounded distant and cut off.How could I be so stupid !!!”

” And now, you’ve moved in ? I say a week not  more than that….till his snores, NAH roars and those sweaty, stinky socks shoved under the couch drive your crazy???”

“…till you’ve had enough of  weekend after party dish washing, scrubbing, vacuuming . Trust me this man loves his friends…and his friends love his rowdy house parties.”

With tears welling in her big black eyes, cheeks flushed red, the distraught girl continued to yell at the top of her voice.

I stood there confused.

‘Ruby, stop it ! It’s Mom !” we heard Junior shout as he rushed into the kitchen.

There was pin drop silence for a moment.

” Mom ??” the girl looked at me,”Huh!”

She gave that I-don’t-believe-you look to Junior and marched out of the kitchen, out of the apartment.

“I can explain,”Junior rushed out after her, still in his boxers.

I felt sorry for him and the pretty girl.

I wish I had said no to WordPress ” Forever Young” experiment 50 years ago !


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  1. Thanks Kate. What if this was really true ? 🙂 anyways, Kate I need some feedback on the writing style for this post. My husband read it and said that he had to re read for clarity. I worked on his feedback and tweaked it a bit.. What are your suggestions? Do let me know.Mamta


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