Payback Time

I tried  my best to stay perfectly still inside the MRI machine. The loud hammering and the narrow confinement did not bother me much, initially.

IMG_1215It would have been an uneventful experience had it not been for a loose strand of hair on my forehead that suddenly sprang to life. It dangled right in front of my nose. It quivered and shivered, and tickled me.

I knew this strand very well – it is the one I ,so often, play with when I’m day dreaming, sulking or doing some serious thinking.

Was the strand being playful ?

Or was it payback time for all the pulling and twisting I have subjected it to ?If so, then what perfect timing !

I twitched my nose;tried to blow it off my face.

I stared at it till my eyes hurt.

I tried the ‘mind can bend the spoon’ technique.I focused hard and visualized my fingers tucking the stray strand behind my ear.

I hummed my favorite song, closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

I counted the number of loud bangs in each cycle. I followed the fast rhythmic ‘khut-khut-khut-khut’ sound and imagined myself to be a A4 sheet paper inside an old inkjet printer. God, was it the noise or was it the strand that was driving me crazy ?

I became hyper sensitive to my surrounding. The cool breeze that kept the tunnel ventilated suddenly felt icy cold and creepy.

Later, the doctor told me that I was inside the machine for just 20 minutes; to me it seemed eternity.

The moment the procedure got over, I  pushed the strand out of my face and sighed in relief.

Were you ever caught in a situation like this ? Looking forward to read your experiences.

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