Daily Prompt:The Number

In response to Daily Prompt ‘Your days are Numbered‘-What’s the date today ? Write it down, remove all dashes and slashes, and write a post that mentions that number.

Tomorrow Junior has a Math Test in school. Since morning, we (mother and son) have been revising the multiplication tables, working on long-division methods, solving word problems, drawing triangles and squares. We are in a different world today.


My brains is in the hyper-active zone. I am seeing potential math problems in my daily chores – ‘if I eat three almonds everyday, how many almonds have I eaten in the month of May ? Does my spatula have a line of symmetry ?’

So,when I removed the dashes from 11/08/2015 to  get 11082015, all I could think of was to quickly do a divisibility test on the number.Here’s a list of divisibility tests Junior and I did for the number. Hope it takes you back to your school days 🙂


Divisible by 5

Not divisible by 2,4,8

Divisible by 3 and 9
( 1+1+0+8+2+0+1+5 =18; 18 is divisible by both 3 and 9)

Not divisible by 6
( though the number is divisible by 3, it is not divisible by 2)

Divisible by 7
( double of the last digit(5)=10,1108201-10=1108191; double of the last(1) digit =2, 110819-2 = 110817; double of the last digit=14, 11081 -14 =11067; double of the last digit...Forget it !! pick up the pencil and divide the original number 11082015 by 7. YES!!!YES!!! it is divisible by 7.)Divisibility rule for tricky 7


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      2. Judy, this sentence that I wrote doesn’t sound right. Can you help me correct it ?
        ‘So,when I removed the dashes from 11/08/2015 to get 11082015, all I could think of is quickly doing a divisibility test on the number.’


      3. (The first part of the sentence is fine. You just needed to make the verb tense in the second part consistent and change the participle to an infinitive. Now how is that for “grammar-eze?”

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