The Coin’s Wish

IMG_20151112_200028757For a coin  inside a piggy bank, life is at a standstill. It knows no difference between day and night . For it, it’s been dark for ages.

Dark.Stuffy. Claustrophobic.

It is not alone. There are many more coins in here, yet no happy jingling.

How it wishes to be clasped tightly in the sweaty little palms of a boy skipping merrily towards the corner store to buy candy.

How it wishes to jingle along with other coins inside the bus conductor’s worn out leather bag.

How it wishes to be tossed in air and decide the course of a cricket match.

How it wishes to hear the children gasp in astonishment as the Magician performs the coin vanishing trick.

How it wishes to be out in the world again. Be free.


6 thoughts on “The Coin’s Wish”

  1. Sweet post Mamta. Jiggling of coins is why I wanted to become a bus conductor when young. They don’t have bus conductors in England, you know ! Drivers here are efficient in multitasking.
    I never thought of a coin feeling imprisoned in a piggy bank. Should have.breaking a piggy rather always used to make me sad as a child, why I can’t remember now…

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