WPC: Trio

In response to WPC: Trio:What comes in threes? Submit an image for this week’s photo theme, Trio.

 It is a very  early morning on Pondicherry beach. Mr. Crow, perched on the promenade fence is watching the sunrise. 


The Sun is still low on the horizon. Soft, pastel hues of red, orange and pink are slowly filling up the sky. The fishermen are already at work. They had gone out to the sea before dawn and spread their nets.Now, it is time to haul in the catch.IMG_0160

‘Caw,Caw,Caw!’ Mr. Crow is joined by three friends. They meet-and-greet.

Caw,Caw,Caw – Buddies, ready for Mrs.Iyer’s kitchen raid today?’ The trio plan and plot.

Mr. Crow moves away from the trio. At present, he prefers to watch the sunrise.


Do we take time out of our busy schedules to watch and appreciate nature?

6 thoughts on “WPC: Trio”

  1. What a wonderful interpretation of the photos. Very creative and Mr Crow really seems to like his own space 😀 I love taking time out of my busy days to watch the sunset. It’s also a good opportunity to practise my photography – it’s my favourite time of the day to take photos. It takes a lot of planning beforehand, though sometimes I might have the odd evening free and I’ll head out 🙂 Hope you’re having a good weekend!

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    1. Thanks Mabel. You are right it takes a lot of planning beforehand to head out for a photography session. Many a times I have gone out shopping or to a party with a camera in hand, but I have come home empty handed 😦 Hope you have a wonderful week !!

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      1. I wish you more luck in your phototaking adventures. It happens to me all the time too – I’d go out wanting to take photos and come back with only a few that I don’t really like. Ah well. Enjoying ourselves wherever we are is the most important thing. Have a good week too!

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