Creative Day Out

It was a cold, gloomy Saturday. Though the heavy rains had stopped, the nagging drizzle was enough to ruin the cheeriest moods.The kids were  grumpy and cranky.

To ward off boredom, we( Junior, Rai and I) headed to Claytopia- Bangalore’s first paint-your-own pottery studio.

We were greeted by shelves full of dainty teapots and cups,  tall vases, cute sharks and crocodiles and many more clay items.


My little artists thought and thought and  thought……….AND finally, Junior zeroed on a Jeep  and Rai a Shell-shaped Vase.


With pencils in hand, the kids were ready to let the creative juices flow.


They were so engrossed in work that they ignored the yummy French fries 🙂


Infectious 🙂 I picked up a coffee mug and drew flowers and clouds on it -something in line with William Wordsworth’s ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’.


Voila! our master pieces – Junior’s rough and tough Jeep and Rai’s  colorful Shell Vase. I don’t have a photo of my mug :(. I gifted it to my husband. It’s in his office now.IMG_20151208_104118128


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