Daily Prompt: Fandom



Rrrrr…rrrr.rrrr…clank- clank…. Suddenly, the engine revved to life, the gear  clanked. Ramdeen, the bus driver, woke up with a jolt.He had just parked his bus at the depot. And with half an hour to go for departure,he had decided to take a quick nap on the last row seats.

 The bus lurched forward. Ramdeen tumbled down from his make shift bed like a rag doll. The bus hurtled forward,swerved sharply to right  and then left. Ramdeen dazed, confused tried to get up on his feet. The bus kept swaying right and left.He could not see anyone on the drivers seat, though. The people outside were screaming and shouting.


Dhammmmm…. the bus slammed against a parked bus and swerved right again.Unable to get a footing , cursing and swearing, Ramdeen crawled on his hands and legs as fast as he could towards the driver’s cabin.

He was dumbfounded at the sight that met his eyes.


It was no human but a rogue monkey who had taken control of the bus. It might have slipped in when Ramdeen was sleeping and turned on the key which was still in its slot.

Eyes narrowed and focused,like a car racing fanatic, it held onto the steering and maneuvered it left and right as the bus danced out of control.

Ramdeen screamed at the top of his voice.The sudden emergence of a cursing, crawling, disoriented human scared the monkey.It let go of the steering and leaped out of the driver’s cabin door. The bus slide, rammed against a wall and finally came to a stop.

 With cities taking over forests, the creatures of the forest are getting used to human ways.Many of them are becoming more like us.

In this human altered world, is it too far fetched to assume that some of the creatures might have taken a liking to human sports? 

A monkey car racing fan, in this case 🙂

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