Daily Prompt: Kick It !

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

‘Bucket list’ is a fairly new addition to the Indian way of life. I’m yet to prepare one for myself . I do have goals I want to achieve and dreams to fulfill.Must have life experiences and places to visit: I’ve never thought about them.

My mother is very particular about the wall calendars she buys every year: she always picks ones which have beautiful landscape photographs- serene beaches, picturesque mountains, vast deserts – a different scene for each month.


Once, I asked mother about this calendar obsession.

She replied, ‘Every month, I escape to the beautiful places shown in the calendar – In January I climbed Mount Fuji, in June I enjoyed a camel ride in the Sahara desert.In December, let me check,’ she flipped the pages of the calendar and said confidently, ‘ I’ll ski in the Alps.’

My mother does not know what a bucket list is. If she had made one, travelling to beautiful places would definitely be on her list.



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    1. Hi Mike ! Thanks for visiting my blog.
      My Mum has traveled all over the world in her thoughts and dreams. She loves reading travel magazines and travelogue. When she was young she didn’t travel much;now she is old and house bound.Mamta.

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