What’s on Your Bookshelf ?

Did you know that 3rd March was World Book Day ? I didn’t.I read about it in the newspaper today.

I immediately checked the Amazon website. We know how much online retailers like celebrating ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘ Friendship Day’,’ Valentine Day’ and like by offering heavy discounts on products. I didn’t want to lose any golden opportunity to horde books. A quick check on their website confirmed that there was no such  ‘ super-happy-deals’ this time. Disappointing.

Did Amazon not know that 3rd March was ‘World Book Day’? Or did they chose to ignore it?

 Anyway, I decided to go ahead and celebrate the day by doing something bookish.

How about a sneak- peek into Junior’s reading world?

A little background:


After a whole day of scribbling on the notepad and staring at the laptop, I came up with these-



The bars and charts, did not throw me off my seat. I already had an idea of what the results would be like.

Favorite Author- Roald Dahl, as expected, still on top of the list.

New Interest- Detective and mystery stories. Too many Famous Five and Secret Sevens on the shelf.

Surprise- Picture books, like Wolves on the Wall, The Incredible Book Eating Book, still on the shelf.

It was a fun filled, thoroughly engaging activity.

I’m eager to know what’s on your bookshelf ? 


6 thoughts on “What’s on Your Bookshelf ?”

  1. I love your illustrations. Wonderful 😀 I like Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton too. There is always something captivating and lessons to be learnt within their storylines.

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    1. Thanks Mabel 🙂 Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to Adobe Illustrator. I’m exploring the various things I can do with it. How’s life at your end ? How’s the book work going ?


      1. Good luck with Adobe Illustrator. Editing programs are always fun. The book is slowly coming along, Mamta. I’m doing the second draft and have finished rewriting the second chapter 🙂

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