Writing and Grief

It’s mid March already. I have written ONLY one post this month.

I intended writing many more. Now and then, I clicked on the little ‘new post’ icon and  fervidly typed in a few lines.I found  what I wrote- too personal,too private- a reflection of my current emotional state. I found them silly,embarrassing. I did not publish them.

My father is sick, very sick. I’m trying my best to prepare for the tough times to come.My mind is a muddle. My thoughts are fleeting between happy childhood memories from the past and tough situations that I will have to deal with in near future.

How  does one write in such a situation ? How does one insulate ones’ writing from his inner turmoil ?

4 thoughts on “Writing and Grief”

  1. I am so sorry to hear that your father is sick, Mamta. Best wishes out to him and hope he gets well soon. Sometimes we all have to step away from the things we love doing as life calls. For instance, I’d like to spend much more time writing my book but I also have to be good at my job, put in the hours and keep my job…each day I tell myself there will be time for writing at some point. I hope you get to blog more soon, and take care.

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  2. Put a few words down here and there when you feel inspired. Save them. Delete them if need be. Publish if and when you feel it is right. And be under no pressure. I hope things resolve themselves for you as well as they possibly can.

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