What’s on Your Bookshelf ?

Did you know that 3rd March was World Book Day ? I didn’t.I read about it in the newspaper today.

I immediately checked the Amazon website. We know how much online retailers like celebrating ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘ Friendship Day’,’ Valentine Day’ and like by offering heavy discounts on products. I didn’t want to lose any golden opportunity to horde books. A quick check on their website confirmed that there was no such  ‘ super-happy-deals’ this time. Disappointing.

Did Amazon not know that 3rd March was ‘World Book Day’? Or did they chose to ignore it?

 Anyway, I decided to go ahead and celebrate the day by doing something bookish.

How about a sneak- peek into Junior’s reading world?

A little background:


After a whole day of scribbling on the notepad and staring at the laptop, I came up with these-



The bars and charts, did not throw me off my seat. I already had an idea of what the results would be like.

Favorite Author- Roald Dahl, as expected, still on top of the list.

New Interest- Detective and mystery stories. Too many Famous Five and Secret Sevens on the shelf.

Surprise- Picture books, like Wolves on the Wall, The Incredible Book Eating Book, still on the shelf.

It was a fun filled, thoroughly engaging activity.

I’m eager to know what’s on your bookshelf ? 


Creative Day Out

It was a cold, gloomy Saturday. Though the heavy rains had stopped, the nagging drizzle was enough to ruin the cheeriest moods.The kids were  grumpy and cranky.

To ward off boredom, we( Junior, Rai and I) headed to Claytopia- Bangalore’s first paint-your-own pottery studio.

We were greeted by shelves full of dainty teapots and cups,  tall vases, cute sharks and crocodiles and many more clay items.


My little artists thought and thought and  thought……….AND finally, Junior zeroed on a Jeep  and Rai a Shell-shaped Vase.


With pencils in hand, the kids were ready to let the creative juices flow.


They were so engrossed in work that they ignored the yummy French fries 🙂


Infectious 🙂 I picked up a coffee mug and drew flowers and clouds on it -something in line with William Wordsworth’s ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’.


Voila! our master pieces – Junior’s rough and tough Jeep and Rai’s  colorful Shell Vase. I don’t have a photo of my mug :(. I gifted it to my husband. It’s in his office now.IMG_20151208_104118128

The Owl

It was the day before my wedding. I touched Boro Dida’s (Great Grandma) feet and sought her blessings. She was the oldest member of our family-octogenarian or nonagenarian, no one knew.IMG_0768-001

Boro Dida kissed my forehead and pressed a parcel in my hand.

It was wrapped in brown paper. It was light weight. With my fingers, I felt the contours of the object inside. Confused, I looked up. Our eyes met.

“Your best friend for life- ‘Lakhi Pencha'( owl),” she whispered. There was a mischievous twinkle in the old lady’s eyes.

The colorful owl,thus, became a part of my bridal trousseau. It has been with me for ten years now. We have aged together, or shall I say, matured together.

 I gave it a makeover yesterday. My hands shook, my strokes were too thick, but I dressed my ‘friend for life’ in the best way I could. Lakhi Pancha!

Fun Homework

  Junior came home from school today and declared, “English Ma’am has asked us to make something with colored craft paper.”

“Craft work as English homework ?” I asked just to be doubly sure.

He nodded his head with conviction. I had no choice.

I turned to YouTube for help  and found some amazing craft videos by Maggy Woodley. Junior and I enjoyed making the monster, owl and fox bookmarks.  According to Junior the projects were easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

Thanks Maggy !

 Homework can at times be real fun- both for the kid and his Mum ! 🙂 🙂

I found many more fun craft ideas at Red Ted Art’s Blog  Maggy’s website.