Haldi Nayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………NO    TURMERIC…….. ?????”

Beethi’s booming voice sent a shock wave through the house;the doors and windows rattled, the picture frames on the wall shook, AND my concentration broke.

I closed my laptop and looked up. Beethi was already standing in front of me. In her pudgy fingers, she held the empty spice box. As soon as our eyes met,she thrust the box under my nose. She was purple with anger.

Her anger was justified. For many years now, Beethi has been taking care of my family’s most basic requirement – food. The kitchen is her fortress. She takes great pride in preparing the tastiest, spiciest food for us.

How on Earth will she cook today without Haldi ( Tumeric) ?


Haldi or Turmeric is the most essential spice in an Indian kitchen. It adds a yellow color and a musky flavor to our dals and curries. We marinate our fish and meat with salt and turmeric. At times, we use it as a substitute for saffron.

For generations, Indian mothers have used Haldi paste as antiseptic to heal cuts and burns. At bedtime she has coaxed her children to drink Haldi milk to help them fight against colds and strengthen their immunity. She has included the wonder spice in her beauty regimen too.

Lot of studies are being done in labs worldwide to understand the benefits of Haldi or Turmeric.

So, go ahead and spice up your meals with a pinch of  this ‘yellow wonder‘ !!