WPC: Weight(less)

Last night,when I saw the Photo Challenge theme-Weight(less): show us the effect of gravity in your photo this week – my imagination went on an over drive:I saw astronauts in white suits and helmets floating around in space;I visualized the terrified faces of people shouting ‘hooooo’ ,’squeee aiii eee’ as the roller coaster plunged down at a nerve-racking speed;I heard my physics teacher’s words ringing in my ears “you can experience weightlessness in a freely falling elevator”.

I decided to give this challenge a pass. I knew I did not have anything in my photo archive that would match the theme. I shut the laptop and went to bed.It was late -Husband was snoring and Junior was somewhere in his dreamland.

Then, this morning when I drew the window curtains and looked out, I found this:


Three little girls hanging upside down from a bench with the sun shining right on their face. They even flashed the victory sign when they saw the camera.

when you want something,

all the universe conspires in helping you

to achieve it

-Paulo Coelho

WPC: Trio

In response to WPC: Trio:What comes in threes? Submit an image for this week’s photo theme, Trio.

 It is a very  early morning on Pondicherry beach. Mr. Crow, perched on the promenade fence is watching the sunrise. 


The Sun is still low on the horizon. Soft, pastel hues of red, orange and pink are slowly filling up the sky. The fishermen are already at work. They had gone out to the sea before dawn and spread their nets.Now, it is time to haul in the catch.IMG_0160

‘Caw,Caw,Caw!’ Mr. Crow is joined by three friends. They meet-and-greet.

Caw,Caw,Caw – Buddies, ready for Mrs.Iyer’s kitchen raid today?’ The trio plan and plot.

Mr. Crow moves away from the trio. At present, he prefers to watch the sunrise.


Do we take time out of our busy schedules to watch and appreciate nature?