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  1. Hi, this is mythwriter and here is what’s on the back jacket of my up coming novel. Sorry I can send the book cover. it won’t come up here, but I’ll post it on my blog page in the next couple of weeks.
    Thanks for being interested,

    By Phyllis Moore
    Three hundred and eighteen years ago, World Space Coalition sent three ships to establish Earth’s first galactic colony — on the planet Akiane in the Pegasus Constellation. They were never heard from again.
    Now, a radio technician has discovered the colony survived.
    But those of Akiane want nothing to do with Earth. Everything they have accomplished they did without Earth’s help.
    The colony was supposed to be WSC’s greatest achievement, and it is determined to reclaim the planet and its people as its own.
    WSC Space Force has ordered Lt. Jessica M. Hewitt to negotiate with the rouge colony. There’s a lot riding on her; if she succeeds, her name will go into history as a hero.
    If she fails to convince the people of Akiane that they are a colony, history will see her as responsible for WSC’s first military galactic takeover.
    Jess is ill equipped for the task. She has no idea why she was chosen. She doesn’t realize that before she can reunite the two worlds, she’s going to have to settle with her own demons first.
    So far, her demons are winning.


    1. An interesting plot Phyllis. When you told me that it’s a sci-fi set in Pegasus Constellation, I was expecting alien stuff but this is a novel surprise.
      Looking forward to reading the book in September.
      All the Best !!


  2. I tried to comment on the Turmeric post, but somehow it is disabled.
    Here’s what I had to say

    (*Every time I run short of the essential spices for cooking in my kitchen, I make a strong decision that every next time, my kitchen will be fully equipped with stock, without turmeric, I think I can only manage with Upma and similar snacks. No Main Course 😦 !!

    Sorry for commenting here.


      1. I made a promise to myself that a house needs a big kitchen, my mom had often faced trouble because of it. The new home, I picked a bigger kitchen for her.

        When I will have kitchen of my own it will be a island kitchen and I will try to never run out of stock.


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