The Owl

It was the day before my wedding. I touched Boro Dida’s (Great Grandma) feet and sought her blessings. She was the oldest member of our family-octogenarian or nonagenarian, no one knew.IMG_0768-001

Boro Dida kissed my forehead and pressed a parcel in my hand.

It was wrapped in brown paper. It was light weight. With my fingers, I felt the contours of the object inside. Confused, I looked up. Our eyes met.

“Your best friend for life- ‘Lakhi Pencha'( owl),” she whispered. There was a mischievous twinkle in the old lady’s eyes.

The colorful owl,thus, became a part of my bridal trousseau. It has been with me for ten years now. We have aged together, or shall I say, matured together.

 I gave it a makeover yesterday. My hands shook, my strokes were too thick, but I dressed my ‘friend for life’ in the best way I could. Lakhi Pancha!

Ice Candle (WPC)

This is in response to Weekly Photo Challenge – Texture.

This week, share a texture found in an unexpected place. It could be made of natural materials, as in these images, or with man-made objects.

Call it Cheese Candle, call it Moon Candle…when hot wax meets ice the texture is truly unique !!




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