Life is unpredictable…so is my blog.

When I started the blog last year I had a clear vision ( so I thought) regarding its contents.

cropped-img_20140825_105537833.jpgBooks. I will write about our ( my son and my) beautiful journey into the world of books. When I was my son’s age, I remember reading books mostly by Enid Blyton and lots of classics abridged versions.The child in me was excited to see so many genre of books, from so many authors for children alone. I had to let the world know of the treasure I had found. I promptly named my blog BOOK SEARCH JOURNEY.

Now, WordPress is an interesting place. There is so much happening here.And if you suffer from Pandora’s Syndrome like me, you’ll not hesitate to click on every link that appears on the Reader and the side bars. That’s exactly what I did and landed on the DAILY POST page.

I tried  Daily Prompt and Weekly Photo challenge for the first time. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the tiny orange star blinking on the screen. I had received my first like.Encouraging comments soon followed. Veterans in WordPress sure know how to encourage and welcome new comers 🙂

IMG_1215I was over the moon. I  started responding to the Daily Prompts and Weekly Photo Challenges, regularly. Soon I got addicted to them. Now, I have more posts in response to these prompts as compared to that on books.

 That’s an emergency for sure.My blog’s got derailed !!!!

Taking decisions can be difficult. I decided to start a fresh blog Books Mama !!!  exclusively for the books my son and I enjoy reading. I’ll keep updating you on the same. ( See Books we enjoyed reading on the side bar).

Now what do I do with this blog. The title Book Search Journey is a misnomer.

BOOK , SEARCH , JOURNEY. Ta da !! What says thou ? See the change ?


 Well, for now,it defines my present state of mind – that of a wanderer, SEARCHing, exploring, experimenting with life. A JOURNEY that I hope will be an interesting one. BOOKS will always be there, my companion for life.

Daily Prompt -Stranded

We’ve all been asked what five objects we’d take with us to a desert island. Now it’s your best friend’s (or close relative’s) turn to be stranded: what five objects would you send him/her off with?


Dear S,

Yesterday, when you said you needed a ‘BREAK’, I assumed you were hinting at retail therapy.

I had no clue you were hinting at ‘breaking’ away from civilization, away from work, home, kids and friends.

The WordPress ‘ Stranded alone in a deserted island 3Days/ 4Nights’ brochure arrived in mail today. It says I should give you  5 items that you’ll take with you on your trip.

Scenes from the movie ‘Cast Away’ flash in front of my eyes.  But I guess you are better equipped to survive on the island. After all, Discovery’s ‘Ultimate Survivor’, ‘Dual Survival’ are the most watched shows in your house.

You must have picked up  lots of tips to build a shelter, start fire and hunt for food.

Since you are on a vacation( though a weird one) you should be happy. You should be enjoying yourself.

Food helps you relax and brings a big smile on your face always.

Therefore,I’ll give you

– a solar pressure cooker

– salt, pepper shakers

– cooking oil

to experiment with all the ingredients available in the wild

– pen and book to note your new recipes

Hope you enjoy your ‘ Alone Time’ on the island.

Be safe.

Lots of love and best wishes,







Upturned nose(Daily Post)

Vacation. We love taking a break and going for vacations. In my opinion, ‘vacation’ can be classified into two categories.

One, in which you spend more time outdoor.You go out with maps and checklist and make sure you visit all the tourist attraction spots suggested by Lonely Planet and friends who have been there, seen all.Though you are on a holiday, your day begins early. You have a kingsize breakfast before you embark on a sightseeing adventure. You drive, walk, climb till the sun goes down. You return exhausted but very satisfied. A true tourist.


In the second one,vacation planning means spending hours on the internet reading reviews about  hundreds of  resorts/hotel/homestays on various travel advice sites. A room with a perfect view  of the blue sea/the hills is a high priority. Though, you plan to watch the sunrise you never wake up on time. You love the breakfast spread. You spend a full hour trying out all the dishes and finally end with a bowl of seasonal fruits. You do ask the staff about the places to visit and even collect brochures and contact address of various tourist guides.  You loiter a while in the lobby and garden before you retire to your room to RELAX and UNWIND. You pull out a book from your bag, curl up in the bed and re read it for the nth time.You are among the first to reach the dining area for lunch. After a lazy afternoon at the pool, in the evening  you finally venture out for a walk. Evening ends with music and good wine. Yes, your camera is loaded with pictures of the room, the food and the perfect view from your window.

You guessed it right. I’m a snob when it comes to vacations.For me, vacations are for relaxing and rejuvenating ( Exception – wildlife safari 🙂 ).

Even the most laid back and egalitarian among us can be insufferable snobs when it comes to coffee, music, cars, beer, or any other pet obsession where things have to be just so. What are you snobbish about?


Alive Again ( Daily Prompt)

This post is in response to

You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

I believe that everything in this world has something to say, a story to share, if only we have the time and patience to listen to it.

IMG_5046-001 An old, dilapidated, crumbling-down mansion will have a lot to tell  !!!

If I inherit one, I’ll visit it as soon as possible.

Walk through all the rooms, maybe I’ll find something of interest – perhaps,a browning ,black and white group photograph of my ancestors. I’ll take a close look and try to figure out if I resemble any of them. Do they all have a big forehead like most of us in my family ?

Maybe,in one of the old desk drawers, I’ll come across a tattered diary that reveals much more than someones day to day rambling. Maybe it belongs to a revolutionary, who penned his thoughts, his groups ideology, plans and views about the prevalent political scenario.

When, I reach the courtyard, I’ll stop for a while and try to visualise the hustle and bustle the courtyard witnessed every morning , many decades ago.

I’ll bid farewell to the mansion, with a promise to bring it’s former glory back. I’ll renovate it and convert  it into a school for the local children.

The mansion will be alive again.