Writing and Grief

It’s mid March already. I have written ONLY one post this month.

I intended writing many more. Now and then, I clicked on the little ‘new post’ icon and  fervidly typed in a few lines.I found  what I wrote- too personal,too private- a reflection of my current emotional state. I found them silly,embarrassing. I did not publish them.

My father is sick, very sick. I’m trying my best to prepare for the tough times to come.My mind is a muddle. My thoughts are fleeting between happy childhood memories from the past and tough situations that I will have to deal with in near future.

How  does one write in such a situation ? How does one insulate ones’ writing from his inner turmoil ?

WordPress Alive Again


When I was small,

I loved reading the adventures of Amelia the Naughty doll.

The Nursery would come to life at night.

All the toys played till morning light.

Amelia being the ill mannered doll,

Would  play pranks on one and all.

The clockwork mouse, pink rabbit, tin soldier and teddy bear  often discussed their plight.

They agreed, Amelia must learn to treat everyone right.

         All the toys waited for their ‘call ‘

             The Nursery was now noisier than the Town Hall.

     Poor Amelia in her fright,

                 Promised to behave, to everyones delight.

                The old clock chimed in the hall.

                              All the toys rushed back to the racks on the wall.


For the past few months, WordPress had been my playground.I read many wonderful blogs, made interesting friends and exchanged thoughts. A virtual world abuzz with activity. I loved being a part of this unique community.Felt free.

However, of late, due to technical glitches with my local internet server, I cannot access WordPress site properly. I feel paralysed. I see the list of tempting posts in the ‘Blogs I follow’ but cannot read them, The Daily Post Prompts and Weekly Challenges tease me.

I wish, for a few hours a day or night, my WordPress problems would magically fly away. I could be ‘WordPress Alive‘, just like Amelia and the other toys in the Nursery !!!

Sorry, for the awful poem…but hard times do turn some into poets( miserable ones,though)