WPC: Trio

In response to WPC: Trio:What comes in threes? Submit an image for this week’s photo theme, Trio.

 It is a very  early morning on Pondicherry beach. Mr. Crow, perched on the promenade fence is watching the sunrise. 


The Sun is still low on the horizon. Soft, pastel hues of red, orange and pink are slowly filling up the sky. The fishermen are already at work. They had gone out to the sea before dawn and spread their nets.Now, it is time to haul in the catch.IMG_0160

‘Caw,Caw,Caw!’ Mr. Crow is joined by three friends. They meet-and-greet.

Caw,Caw,Caw – Buddies, ready for Mrs.Iyer’s kitchen raid today?’ The trio plan and plot.

Mr. Crow moves away from the trio. At present, he prefers to watch the sunrise.


Do we take time out of our busy schedules to watch and appreciate nature?


Brain -Versus-Heart

Found this interesting quote in an amazing book Resonate by Nancy Duarte :

Emotions and beliefs are masters, reason their servant. Ignore emotion, and reason slumbers; trigger emotion, and reason comes rushing to help.

-Henry M Boettinger

( Author of Moving Mountains or the Art and Craft of Letting Others See Things Your Way)

I have not read the book ‘Moving Mountains or the Art and Craft of Letting Others See Things Your Way’ and I am not aware of the circumstance that influenced the author to write it.

Nonetheless, thumps up to the author for the eye opening thought !

For once the ‘THINK LOGICALLY’ bandwagon loses it’s shine. Emotions and beliefs win the logic-versus-emotion, brain-versus-heart debate.

Yayey ! Yipeee!

Sorry, logical, rational, analytical, whose actions are always ‘thought out’ type friends.

I’m from the opposite camp – the emotional, sentimental, ‘ I have a feeling’ type.

And my recent decision to sign in for NaBloPoMo15 was triggered by emotions and helped by logic.

Untitled presentation (1)-001

The Owl

It was the day before my wedding. I touched Boro Dida’s (Great Grandma) feet and sought her blessings. She was the oldest member of our family-octogenarian or nonagenarian, no one knew.IMG_0768-001

Boro Dida kissed my forehead and pressed a parcel in my hand.

It was wrapped in brown paper. It was light weight. With my fingers, I felt the contours of the object inside. Confused, I looked up. Our eyes met.

“Your best friend for life- ‘Lakhi Pencha'( owl),” she whispered. There was a mischievous twinkle in the old lady’s eyes.

The colorful owl,thus, became a part of my bridal trousseau. It has been with me for ten years now. We have aged together, or shall I say, matured together.

 I gave it a makeover yesterday. My hands shook, my strokes were too thick, but I dressed my ‘friend for life’ in the best way I could. Lakhi Pancha!

Daily Prompt:The Number

In response to Daily Prompt ‘Your days are Numbered‘-What’s the date today ? Write it down, remove all dashes and slashes, and write a post that mentions that number.

Tomorrow Junior has a Math Test in school. Since morning, we (mother and son) have been revising the multiplication tables, working on long-division methods, solving word problems, drawing triangles and squares. We are in a different world today.


My brains is in the hyper-active zone. I am seeing potential math problems in my daily chores – ‘if I eat three almonds everyday, how many almonds have I eaten in the month of May ? Does my spatula have a line of symmetry ?’

So,when I removed the dashes from 11/08/2015 to  get 11082015, all I could think of was to quickly do a divisibility test on the number.Here’s a list of divisibility tests Junior and I did for the number. Hope it takes you back to your school days 🙂


Divisible by 5

Not divisible by 2,4,8

Divisible by 3 and 9
( 1+1+0+8+2+0+1+5 =18; 18 is divisible by both 3 and 9)

Not divisible by 6
( though the number is divisible by 3, it is not divisible by 2)

Divisible by 7
( double of the last digit(5)=10,1108201-10=1108191; double of the last(1) digit =2, 110819-2 = 110817; double of the last digit=14, 11081 -14 =11067; double of the last digit...Forget it !! pick up the pencil and divide the original number 11082015 by 7. YES!!!YES!!! it is divisible by 7.)Divisibility rule for tricky 7


Haldi Nayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………NO    TURMERIC…….. ?????”

Beethi’s booming voice sent a shock wave through the house;the doors and windows rattled, the picture frames on the wall shook, AND my concentration broke.

I closed my laptop and looked up. Beethi was already standing in front of me. In her pudgy fingers, she held the empty spice box. As soon as our eyes met,she thrust the box under my nose. She was purple with anger.

Her anger was justified. For many years now, Beethi has been taking care of my family’s most basic requirement – food. The kitchen is her fortress. She takes great pride in preparing the tastiest, spiciest food for us.

How on Earth will she cook today without Haldi ( Tumeric) ?


Haldi or Turmeric is the most essential spice in an Indian kitchen. It adds a yellow color and a musky flavor to our dals and curries. We marinate our fish and meat with salt and turmeric. At times, we use it as a substitute for saffron.

For generations, Indian mothers have used Haldi paste as antiseptic to heal cuts and burns. At bedtime she has coaxed her children to drink Haldi milk to help them fight against colds and strengthen their immunity. She has included the wonder spice in her beauty regimen too.

Lot of studies are being done in labs worldwide to understand the benefits of Haldi or Turmeric.

So, go ahead and spice up your meals with a pinch of  this ‘yellow wonder‘ !!

The Pigeon

Yesterday evening, a pigeon strutted into my bedroom through the open balcony door. I sat on the bed, amused at the grand entry.It walk around bobbing it’s head,surveying the room. It was not perturbed by Junior’s noisy entry. The same cannot be said of Junior -“Mama, a pigeon!“he squealed and froze near the door. The pigeon, on the other hand, gave a cursory glance and proceeded towards the bedside table.

 Fascinated, Junior and I watched as it inspected under the table, hid behind the curtains.It had fluffed it’s feathers. The green-purple neck and throat feathers glittered in the soft white light of my room. For the first time in my life, I observed carefully the black bands on the wings, the orange eyes and the pink feet of a pigeon.

It was getting dark outside. I got up and shooed the pigeon out of the room into the balcony. Strangely, it did not fly. It walked away clumsily.

“Mama, why is the pigeon not flying?” Junior asked.

“Maybe it’s a baby pigeon…maybe it’s a mother pigeon ready to lay eggs( it looked fluffed up and fat)…Come’on, get inside Junior. It’s going to rain,” I replied. 


In the morning, my husband found the same pigeon on the balcony ledge. He noticed that it had some problem with one of the wings.

“What do pigeons eat?” he asked.

“NO feeding pigeons in our house, please,” I said, “unless we want a balcony full of bird poo.”

A few minutes ago, I opened the balcony door and found the pigeon dead, lying right in front of the door.

 I am feeling terrible…miserable……stupid…guilty……….. The thought that the pigeon had come to me for help, and that  I had turned my back on it is killing me. The collage above is of a pigeon flock that regularly visits my apartment lawn. Maybe this unfortunate pigeon was member of this flock.

Fun Homework

  Junior came home from school today and declared, “English Ma’am has asked us to make something with colored craft paper.”

“Craft work as English homework ?” I asked just to be doubly sure.

He nodded his head with conviction. I had no choice.

I turned to YouTube for help  and found some amazing craft videos by Maggy Woodley. Junior and I enjoyed making the monster, owl and fox bookmarks.  According to Junior the projects were easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

Thanks Maggy !

 Homework can at times be real fun- both for the kid and his Mum ! 🙂 🙂

I found many more fun craft ideas at Red Ted Art’s Blog  Maggy’s website. 

The Toy I Wanted The Most……

In response to NaBloPoMo Prompt -What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little?

When I was a child, I did not have a toy cupboard; neither did my friends. We stored our limited but priced possessions in colorful baskets, very similar to this one –IMG_20151102_104621138-001

We girls had kitchen sets- miniature pots, pans, rolling pins and stoves. Doting Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents ensured that our kitchens were always well equipped.In fact, our mini kitchens often had more pots and pans than our mothers’ pantry.

IMG_20151102_115840508We played a lot with dolls. The golden-haired-blue-eyed beauty with batting eye lids was definitely there in every girl’s basket. The tangled, matted hair and battered look reflected the extent of love showered on her by the owner.


The boys on the other hand had toy guns, whistles, catapults,rubber and wooden animals.  Some had train sets complete with tracks. I don’t remember boys playing with cars though. In fact,back then( about thirty years ago) there were very few  real cars on the roads of my little hill town 🙂


BUT they did have a toy that stole my little heart- a SPINNING TOP.( Unfortunately I do not have a picture of it).The boys were skilled at pulling the coiled strings and setting the top in motion. The wooden wonder would spin at high speed;the rainbow colored circles painted on it would rapidly get blurred. If one paid close attention, then he/she could hear the ‘grrrr-grrrr-grrr’ sound the metal tip made as it spun at top speed.

I longed to possess one. But Dad would not buy me one. He thought it was too dangerous for a 6 year old. I would hurt myself with its sharp tip. The boys won’t let me play with it either.


Spinning tops still fascinate me. My son has one , though it looks much different. It is made of plastic and is safer. I love to watch my son play with it.