I feel super lucky today ! Is there a ‘ I’m Feeling Lucky’ button on WordPress too?

Gosh, my post today is a response to today’s Daily Prompt( Born to Be With You) as well as this week’s Photo Challenge(Symbol) !Isn’t that wonderful ! 🙂 🙂

So, without any further delay, let me share my Single-Response-to-Double-Prompt  with all of you.

On our son’s first birthday, my husband and I went to a small gift store to buy a birthday card for our little one;we ended up buying a card for ourselves too !

Today,after spending almost a decade together,  I can say that every word of it is so, so true.

It’s a symbol of our love and promise to each other….


This journey has been so wonderful so far because

Mr. Husband you are a patient man, a problem solver, a super optimist

my best friend and confidant !

Loving the journey together !!



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